A Fresh Start For Johnny & Rosemary


Johnny & Rosemary had certain basics in common—they were each in their mid-40s, they were each from southern California and most importantly, they were each looking for a fresh start after their first marriages had dissolved. Both came to CatholicMatch looking for that fresh start.

After meeting one person on CatholicMatch, Johnny was able to connect with Rosemary online. “She responded and our first date was at her favorite restaurant,” he recalled. And family was an important part of that initial date, as Rosemary brought her mother and 91-year-old grandmother along to meet her new beau.

“She was so nervous she couldn’t eat her soup and salad,” Johnny recalled. “I couldn’t eat my soup either.” The nerves of that first date eventually gave way to a more comfortable and happy relationship, as they’ve continued getting to know each other.

“We have gone to church, went on a trip to northern California and had two barbeques at my place,” Johnny told CatholicMatch. Most important, the family connection has continued to flourish, as she met his parents, and went on to meet the rest of her family.

There is still much to be decided and settled in this developing relationship, but Johnny and Rosemary have found contentment in being with each other and seeing what the future holds. They pray for peace and happiness. “And we pray for other success stories,” he added.

It’s that common bond of hope and prayer that weld all the entire CatholicMatch community together as they seek God’s will in their individual lives and hope for the same in their brethren.  

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