Alaska Newspaper Highlights

The Catholic Anchor of Anchorage featured this summer

Our thanks to Rashae Johnson for her thoughtful coverage of single Catholics in The Catholic Anchor, the official publication of the Anchorage, Alaska, archdiocese. More than 175 singles in the archdiocese belong to, Brian pointed out in his interview with Rashae.

I love this part of the story and Brian’s quote at the end:

In addition to the foremost purpose of cultivating marriage, another aim of CatholicMatch and its founders is to advocate for singles within the church. Cofounder Brian Barcaro encourages priests to reach out to unmarried parishioners by simply mentioning them occasionally in homilies or hosting forums on relevant topics that will attract singles without feeling contrived. Though singlehood is not a vocation per se, Barcaro believes it is a God-given opportunity to answer a calling.

“Just because you’re not called to married life or religious life yet, it doesn’t mean God loves you less. It means you are to live your life for Christ — live out that Christian vocation that we all have from baptism — in the state of singlehood,” he said. “And you should live it with fervency.”

 Nice job, Barcaro.

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