Kurt & Ruth Overcame Long-Distance & Deployment


If facing and meeting challenges together helps a couple grow stronger in love, then Kurt and Ruth have their relationship on a strong foundation.

Ruth, 47-years-old and Kurt, three years younger live on opposite sides of Georgia, making for a long-distance relationship even as they lived in the same state. After meeting on CatholicMatch and feeling a connection with each other, military deployments then became a part of their lives.

Kurt and Ruth corresponded for five solid months before things were able to work out for them to meet. He was deployed overseas, covering three months of that time before returning home and having the chance to meet Ruth in person.

The couple put in the time to get to know each other and after two years of courtship and several more deployments, they were engaged this past February and will marry in November.

Kurt and Ruth’s happiness is proof that what’s worthwhile in life is worth working for and putting the time in. From long-distance dating to deployments, they met the challenges and have a lifetime with each other as the reward.

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