‘Will You Marry Me?’ Lots Of Yeses For CatholicMatch Men

Jordan proposes to Kelly, whom he met at CatholicMatch.com

John made a decision after looking at his parish bulletin one Sunday and seeing the CatholicMatch ad. “I’m going to put myself on here and see what happens,” he recalled. The 24-year-old from southern Wisconsin continued to keep it simple once we created his profile.

Rachel, 22, located in a neighboring town, found him and wanted to chat. John didn’t hesitate and their relationship has grown naturally from online communication to the phone to a first date at Starbucks. They’ve been going together ever since and couldn’t be happier.

Just down the road in northern Illinois was another young twentysomething couple getting together. Jagoda, age 24, had given up on CatholicMatch after not meeting anyone the first month and went to another site. A message from Brandon, two years younger and in the same area, changed her mind. “I waited for about 2 days deciding what to do but his pictures were really cute, and I didn’t want to miss a chance talking to him”, she recalled. It was worth the virtually non-existent risk to reach out to him. They are now in a steady relationship and excited about the future.

And down in Tennessee, Jordan, 27, and Kelly, 29, have completed the journey from courtship to engagement. (See photo.) They say simply: “We are engaged so it must be a great story!” They are thrilled to be able to build a truly Christ-centered marriage with each other.

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