David Made An Unlikely Border Crossing To Meet Jessica


David was stuck. The 32-year-old from Montreal was on his way to the United States so he could meet Jessica. He and the 30-year-old from New York had built an online connection in spite of each believing it would never really go anywhere. Now, with the moment of their meeting at hand, he was on his way to the border…and realized he’d forgotten his passport.

“I started to go home until I realized that through God all things were possible,” he said. “I prayed that He would find a way to get to me to see here despite having no official documents.”

When he reached the border he gave the customs officer an honest answer when asked where his documents were. Then David added that he “had to meet a woman to make her my girlfriend.” Who could refuse? The official waved him on through.

“The next thing I knew I was meeting the woman who was clearly supposed to be my wife,” he said gratefully. Indeed she was. David and Jessica are set to be married in June 2012. They thank CatholicMatch, but an even bigger thanks goes to an unknown officer at customs on the U.S.-Canadian border.

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