Finding True Love Took Persistence For Anthony


Finding true love didn’t come easy for Anthony. The 42-year-old from Toronto came to CatholicMatch several years ago and it took a few unsuccessful tries, but eventually he found the way to the woman would be his future spouse.

For privacy reasons, her name is withheld. “But I finally the one God intended for me,” Anthony said. “CatholicMatch is a very useful medium…to all members looking for the right person, especially one who shares the same faith.”

Anthony and his fiancé’ aren’t the only ones reaping the blessings of newfound love. Laura and Paul, both 44-years-old and in the eastern part of Pennsylvania, have made a connection and are in the process of building a relationship together. This was Paul’s first experience in putting himself out there in an online venue and so far that decision is paying off.

“We have celebrated three wonderful months together and hope this is the start of something special,” Laura told CatholicMatch. Among the common interests they share include being outdoors, with Paul’s passion for fitness and Laura’s interest in biking.

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