Gus & Maria Crossed The Border Of Hope


Gus & Maria each came to CatholicMatch ready for a second chance at love after the collapse of their first marriages. In early December 2010 they began to make contact with each other.

He is in Dallas, while she is across the border in Mexico City, but through messages, phone calls and the use of Skype, they have managed the international border. “For eight months we have been talking through Skype for an average of three hours a night,” 37-year-old Maria told CatholicMatch. “And we send messages through Google Talk all day long.”

The distance between their two cities is manageable enough to make monthly visits possible, and they have relied on God’s grace to handle the difficulties of a long-distance relationship. The difficulties are vastly outweighed by the growing love they feel for each other.

45-year-old Gus took the next step in the relationship when he took Maria to Chicago for a weekend and gave her an engagement ring. She accepted, and they are presently waited for their Church annulments so they began their lives together.  Maria has brought her son to the United States, so there’s no longer any need for technology to keep them close. Now they can see each other each day, something they look forward to doing for the rest of their lives.


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