The Quiet Hand Of God Marked Eric & Jen’s Path


Some relationships move off of CatholicMatch’s electronic communication system quickly, while others take time to go from the virtual world to the real world. Every situation develops according to the unique circumstances of each couple. Jen and Eric let events develop gradually, but then moved decisively when the time was ripe.

It was August 2009 when Jen, a then-29 year old from South Carolina came across Eric, two years her senior from North Carolina. There were some early hints that perhaps this was something meant to be. Though four hours separated them, Eric always longed to live in the South Carolina area Jen resided. It’s those little things that are often the marking of God’s hand in a situation.

Another such marking was that their first phone conversation took place on Jen’s birthday. That was part of several months of e-mails, text messaging and talking on the phone. When the couple decided to meet in person, Eric made the drive south. He already knew the area well enough to have a favorite restaurant, and he returned home the same day. “I didn’t realize he was spending his two days off from work taking me on a date!,” Jen exclaimed later.

One month later Jen came north and met Eric and there was no doubt in her mind as to how she felt. “I fell head over heels in love with all of them.” Eric felt the same way and one month later he decided it was time to relocate to the area he’d always wanted to live, and now had a real romantic reason for doing so.

Eric and Jen not only had love, but they had a real foundation to build on. “We both were very strong in our faiths and really felt God’s hand in our relationship from the beginning,” Jen recalled. Those little hints from God mentioned above were just a couple of the small ways He worked in their courtship. Seven months are moving to South Carolina, Eric proposed and Jen accepted.

The blessings didn’t stop there. A friend who visited Rome received a papal blessing for their wedding. And the ceremony itself—“one of our friends took a picture of our wedding getaway with sparklers. The smoke in the picture looked just like the form of an angel. It was another little blessing for us.” Indeed, for the angels themselves, nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina.

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