Two Couples Find Second Chances At Love On CatholicMatch


The lesson of new beginnings fills the pages of the CatholicMatch success stories archive, and two couples, one from Pennsylvania and the other from Texas are additional examples.

It was all the way back in August 2007, that 51-year-old Joe and 52-year-old Susan got together for their first date. The Keystone State Couple have “never looked back”, in the words of Susan. The common bond of the Catholic faith is what brought them together.

They’ve now been married three years and  the flame of love still burns strong. For Joe, it was a second chance at love after his first marriage ended in divorce. For Susan, her wedding was everything she dreamed it would be.

Down in the Lone Star State, Chris and Johnny had each lost their first spouses when God called them home. By one of those coincidences that mark the path of Divine Providence, both lost their spouses in November 2007. “We were both feeling like we had lost our dreams,” 47-year-old Chris told CatholicMatch. “Now together we have all new dreams. It is very exciting and we are both tremendously happy!”

No matter where you are, no matter what stage of life or what your past holds, a fresh start always awaits. Joe & Susan, Chris & Johnny are two more real-life testimonials of that.

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