New Hope & Fresh Chances At Love Abound


There are new beginnings sparkling in flyover country, as 43-year-old-Steve & 41-year-old-Susie have come together through CatholicMatch and have embarked upon a special relationship.

Both have come through the pain of divorce and were looking for the possibility of meeting people who shared their interests and their Catholic faith. Ten months ago they made a connection online and their love is growing with each passing day as they embrace this newest phase of their lives.

Out in California, Tom, 49-years-old, and Debbie, 42-years-old, have also started on a new journey. The couple is taking it one day at a time right now, but has talked of marriage and the desire to grow their relationship in that direction. Debbie is looking for the same second chance that Steve & Susie have found, while Tom has never been married.

Catholics—and for that matter people of sincere spiritual belief in other traditions—are known to believe that where God closes one door, another opens. The stories are Steve & Susie in Nebraska, Tom & Debbie in California, are two more examples of that.

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