A Tale Of Two CatholicMatch Success Stories


CatholicMatch produces matchmaking results for people anywhere and at any stage of life, as two recent success stories demonstrate.

Harry, 72-years-old and from Oregon reached out to Connie, ten years younger and living in New Mexico. “The very first time we spoke on the phone it was, for both of us, as though we had known each other for many, many years, “ Harry recalled.  “We were totally at ease…” Convinced that Jesus and the Blessed Mother has been guiding their relationship, Harry and Connie are engaged.

For Harry, it’s all too good to be true. “It’s a story which my feeble brain cannot comprehend,” he said humbly acknowledging the majesty of Divine Providence.

Jenna and Teddy are both in their early twenties and living in the Chicago area. Both wanted to get out and meet people, but time was a problem. “I’m in my second year of teaching and he’s in his second year of medical school,” Jenna told CatholicMatch.  Each saw ads for CatholicMatch in their church bulletins and signed up.

“Once we started talking, there was instant chemistry,” Jenna said. The young couple met a cathedral in Chicago for their first date and the relationship has taken off. They are in love, and looking forward to see where their relationship goes.

Harry & Connie, and Jenna & Teddy, are two different couples from different parts of the country. What they have in common is shared Faith and the reality that online dating was able to work for all of them.

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