Aislyn’s Message Brought A Rush Of Emotions To Mike

Mike waited patiently for Aislyn To Respond

Mike is 23 years old and the young culinary student in Massachusetts is passionate about making sure people know that chivalry is far from dead. When he found Aislyn’s profile, he was quite certain he had found what he was looking for.

God’s timetable is not always (if ever) ours, and the response didn’t come with the immediacy Mike would have liked. His e-mail to Aislyn drew no response. After a few months, while he was on vacation, he got a response. It was simple “wink” emotigram. Then came an e-mail. “And the rush of emotions was astounding,” Mike recalled.

He built up enough courage to ask her out, and she agreed. Today they are a relationship in the making and both believe strongly that the Lord is present. Time will tell if this is destined to be headed for the altar, or if it’s a stop along the way for each. What we do know for sure is that any couple who uses their meetings and happy dates with others as a way of finding God’s will in their lives, is always a “success story.”


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