Jaime Found His Soulmate In Sofia


Jaime was searching for his soulmate. The 57-year-old man from the Dallas area had been through the pain of divorce and was looking for a second chance at renewal and a lasting love.

In his path was Sofia, from the San Antonio area and seven years younger. The connection they made over the phone told them quickly they had something special.

“She is a woman of faith who shares my decision to place God first in our lives,” Jaime told CatholicMatch. The five-hour drive between their home cities wasn’t going to stop Jaime from pursuing this special opportunity.

It turns out that Jaime and Sofia share much more than good priorities in putting God first. Their likes and dislikes are in common, even their virtues and weaknesses.

They both know it’s easy to get caught up in the flush of early love and are getting spiritual direction from the Church in moving forward. They’ve been in consultation with priests about what their next step should be, and for the grace to live to chaste lives until what they hope will be their wedding day.

“I found my soulmate,” a grateful Jaime said.

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