Vinny Put Himself Out There And Amy Was Waiting


Vinny was consistently putting himself out there to try and meet new people. The 35-year-old from Utah was reaching out when it came to getting involved in the young adult activities in his diocese. “I had heard some people were trying out online dating,” he recalled. Vinny decided to be one of them.

Online dating should be seen as one tool of an overall program of making oneself available and that’s how he approached it. The time he spent online at CatholicMatch not only increased his potential visibility, but it sharpened his own view about what he was looking for. “I found it a good way…to see if any of the people I was meeting at young adult events would be a good person to date,” he told CatholicMatch.

He was still surfing the site as a free member when Amy reached out and sent him a message. Vinny decided to become a full member and read the message. Two months later they were going on their first date. Now they see each other several times a week, and talk daily.

“After a little over ten months, and discerning our relationships…I proposed to her,” Vinny said. “She said yes and now we are in the process of planning our wedding to take place next year.” They are convinced that God brought them to this point of planning an exciting new future together.


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