When Harry Met Connie


“I found a man and unbelievable events have transpired,” 60-year-old  Connie told CatholicMatch, as the New Mexico native shared the news about the long-distance relationship she was embarking on with a man from Oregon.

And what a man she had found. Many people—including CatholicMatch members have lost spouses. Still others have gone through economic distress. It’s safe to say not too many went through what 71-year-old Harry did when he lost his wife of 50 years on the exact same day his ranch was foreclosed on. Yet he continued to carry on in faith.

Harry and Connie’s romance was facilitated by his reasonable expectations—he wasn’t looking for someone to replace his first wife and in fact acknowledged that would be impossible. But he was looking for someone to share the simple joys of life with, from gardening, camping and going for walks and—in an ideal world—being on top of mountain and overlooking all of God’s creation. In Connie, he found that someone as they wait and see what God has planned for the rest of their lives.

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