A Love For Laughter & Life Brought Richard & Lindy Together


Lindy & Richard weren’t the type of people to let the trials of life, relationships or even marriage itself get them down. 54-year-old Lindsey was a widow from Louisiana and filled with a love for life, a lighthearted nature and a commitment to spiritual excellence—“I can’t stand moral mediocrity,” she said. “My goal in this life is to be saint…God & I sure have our work cut out!”

Richard, a 62-year-old from Ohio, had seen his first marriage annulled, but loved his two daughters more than anything and also loved laughter, and helping others to see the joy in life.

With this kind of outlook on life Lindsey and Richard could hardly go wrong and perhaps it was inevitable that they would find each other along the way.

Lindsey didn’t even come to CatholicMatch for the purpose of finding the love of her life. “I got on for fun and mostly out of curiosity,” she recalled. She’s another example of how having a more casual approach to online dating often produces great and unexpected results.

Eventually the couple found each other, and is looking forward to building a new life together. Lindsey can’t believe her good fortune in finding a man like Richard. But with the optimistic attitude toward life they both have, we’re confident in saying they’d feel blessed regardless. Perhaps that’s why they’ve been blessed with each other.


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