Have You Ever Encountered A Subway Angel?

The New Yorker's "Subway Angel" appeared on the cover of its Dec. 12, 2011 issue

I always look forward to seeing the cover of a brand-new New Yorker, one of the few remaining magazines that still publishes an original illustration on its cover each week. The latest one, on the Dec. 12 issue, called “Subway Angel,” caught my eye.

Drawn by Carter Goodrich (who does character design for Pixar and, interestingly, first submitted a version of this image to The New Yorker more than 12 years ago), it shows a bright angel sitting patiently amid dingy, buttoned-up subway riders. I love her big hair, tiny spectacles and white scarf.

It’s a holiday cover for The New Yorker, one that could speak to readers of many creeds. It makes me think if Hebrews 13:2, which tells us we may be entertaining angels unknowingly.

Have you ever encountered a subway angel? Or a snowstorm angel? Ever ran into someone who seemed to appear out of nowhere to help you in a bind – at an airport, in a parking lot, on the highway? Ever received help in a pinch, just when you needed it?

Leave a comment below to tell us what happened.

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