Rivers Of Romance Run Through The Midwest


It was a Saturday night last October and 29-year-old Katie anxiously awaited her first date with Jeff, who was three years older. The date was to be a Saturday evening Mass followed by dinner. It turned out the Illinois couple talked the night away and was on the way to something special.

“After several dates it was decided for each of us to introduce our children to each other,” Katie said. Her son is seven years old and Jeff’s daughter is six. The bringing of their kids together made both of them realize how much they wanted a Catholic family and how much they meant to each other.

“Jeff happened when I least expected,” Katie told CatholicMatch. “We have been talking about marriage…(he) has been one of the best blessings in disguise of my life!”

Just up the I-94 Interstate from Katie and Jeff, are Karla and Andy. Roughly twenty years older, the Wisconsin couple has started on a special journey of their own. Karla candidly said she loves not only spending time with him, but the rest of her life as well. “So yes, things are going very well,” she concluded.

The rivers of romance are flowing in the Midwest, with Jeff & Katie, Andy & Karla, as living proof.

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