Vinny Came To Meet New People And Found His Bride


Vinny was looking for ways to meet new people. The 35-year-old from Salt Lake City was staying involved in activities through the local diocese, and he heard about people trying online dating. He decided to put up a free profile on CatholicMatch.

“I found it a good way to meet new people,” Vinny said. “And also to see if any of the potential people I was meeting at young adult events would be a good person to date.” Indeed, the use of an online dating profile to learn more about people one meets in the real world is a creative use of CatholicMatch.

Amy reached out and contacted him. He was intrigued by her profile and decided to become a full member. “Two months later we went on our first date and I have been seeing her several times a week,” Vinny told CatholicMatch.

After ten months and involving their spiritual directors in helping to guide them through the relationship, Vinny reached a conclusion. He proposed marriage and Amy said yes.

“I am very happy to have met her and know God put her in my life,” Vinny said of his future of his wife. The couple is now busy planning the wedding that will take place in 2013.

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