Ken Was Different From Anyone Lori Ever Knew Before


Loir was ready to throw in the towel on the whole idea of online dating. The 38-year-old from South Bend was looking for someone special, both here on CatholicMatch and through other online venues, but things just weren’t going her way.

Then someone different from everyone else came along. Ken was eleven years older and had his first marriage annulled, while she’d never wed. But in spite of that, the connection Lori felt was apparent. “I knew after our first conversation I had found someone special,” she told CatholicMatch. “It did not take us long to figure out we were meant to be together.”

Ken & Lori don’t have everything in common. “A lot of people would say we have nothing in common”, she said. “What we do have is our faith and beliefs that give us a solid foundation…”

When Lori is asked to describe Ken, she says simply “he is just different.” Indeed he is. Both of them broke their usual types to get to know each other. And they’re finding out there is a reason why the old approaches only led to disappointment. Now they are engaged and looking forward to their wedding this coming October 13.  

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