The Miles Didn’t Matter For Ken & Gill


“It seemed as though CatholicMatch was not just working for me,” 73-year-old Ken recalled. He didn’t want a long-distance relationship, and none of the local contacts were working out for the northern Illinois native. Then Gill came along.

She was two years older and lived in Florida, but had a son in Chicago. “Our e-mails just seemed to make things click,” Ken told CatholicMatch. “We took the next step and began phone contact…we found ourselves falling in love with each other.”

Gill came to Chicago to visit her son and to see her new love interest. The good feelings only increased, and several visits later they Ken & Gill knew marriage was what they wanted.

Perseverance is what paid off for Ken. Not just in sticking with online dating when it didn’t seem to be working, but on a more profound level. He’d lost his wife of 46 years two years prior to joining CatholicMatch, and even as the pain of grief subsided, the loneliness set in. Rather than give in to it, he sought to embrace life and all it offers.

Ken & Gill are set for their wedding and the subsequent honeymoon in the Bahamas. “So what do I think of long-distance relationships now?,” Ken asked rhetorically. “When two people meet and are compatible, have similar religious convictions and the chemistry is there, the miles no longer matter.”

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