Cynthia Counted Her Blessings…Then She Got One More


Cynthia was working as a teacher in the Rio Grande area of Texas. In spite of the challenges life had thrown at her, she felt thankful and blessed for what God had provided her. Perhaps that positive outlook was what led God to bless her further.

It was 44-year-old Rick, the same age as Cynthia and living in Houston, who made the connection with her on CatholicMatch. The relationship is still in its developing stages, but Cynthia is excited about the possibilities. “I met this amazingly, funny, honest and good man,” she told CatholicMatch. “I pray will be THE ONE!”

Cynthia has sought to live life to the fullest and now she’s doing it with someone special, in a relationship where they hope the best stories are still to come.

If we shift our focus to the Pacific Northwest, we same the flush of romance developing for Christina and Ben. She is 29-years-old and he a year older, and their relationship has been going strong for eight months since they met here on CatholicMatch.

Whether it’s a young couple just starting out, to others who’ve overcome trials, the success stories are filled with examples of people finding their special someone. Cynthia & Rick, Christina & Ben, are the latest.

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