Is sexual intimacy with someone new part of the healing process?

The gift of sexual intimacy is important in our lives and it is blessed by God when it remains within the boundaries of marriage. Since there is no more marriage, however, there can be no more sexual intimacy unless you have reconciled with your ex-spouse, or you have gone through the annulment process, received a declaration of nullity and have remarried in the Church. If you have not been through all this, it may seem unfair to not be able to still have this intimacy! Many people wonder, Why do I have to suffer because of the mistake my ex-spouse made? They believe that they are now entitled to find a new relationship that will “make them happy.” But will a new relationship and sexual intimacy outside of marriage really “make you happy?” There is so much to understand about this very important issue and Chapter 15 in the book will take you through it.

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