A Morning Mass Date Led To Marriage For James & Carol


James came to CatholicMatch looking for a new start, as the 65-year-old from the Denver area had seen his first wife pass away. He met one person, but it didn’t prove to be a sustainable relationship. The second time, however, everything clicked.

Carol was two years older and unlike James’ previous connection, she lived in the greater Denver area. This was something he much preferred, and it was nice to have a first date by casually meeting for morning Mass. That morning Mass led to more.

“We dated…and enjoyed being with each other,” James said. “We do have similar interests and both of us like to travel.”

They come from disparate family backgrounds. James did not have children in his first marriage, while Carol, whose first marriage was annulled has three grown children and nine grandchildren.

This past June, James joined Carol’s large immediate and extended family when they two were married. She has joined him at his home and parish and seventeen months after they first met for Mass,  they are building a new life together.

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