An Oasis in the Desert

Being divorced, you might often feel as if you’re wandering through a great desert, but there is an oasis that waits for you…
Through the sacraments of your faith, you can be reborn. Each time you receive the sacraments, God’s grace enters your soul like a refreshing breeze that rustles the leaves of the trees in a garden. Your soul awakens with new life and rejoices because once again, your Savior is with you, the One who loves you. As you reflect after receiving the sacraments, walk through the garden together with God and tell Him all that is important to you. He will comfort and refresh you. May He always be pleased to find His home in the garden of your soul.
You called in trouble and I rescued you; I answered you in the hiding place of thunder; I proved you at the waters of Meribah. – Psalm 81:7

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