Brian & Peggy Were Well Matched Twice Over


Some couples are more than well-matched. They’re doubly matched, and that was the case for Brian and Peggy.

The two 49-year-olds living in Colorado appeared were recommended to each other by the match systems at both CatholicMatch and EHarmony. They exchanged e-mails for a month and decided the systems were on to something and enjoyed a comfortable first date.

Seventy-five miles separate the two of them, and though it’s small compared to what other success stories here at CatholicMatch have done, it’s more than either Brian or Peggy was looking for. They have further lifestyle differences in that he’s a single parent, whose first wife passed away and she has never married.

But what they have in common is deeper than any of that. “Our shared faith…has provided a strong foundation for our relationship,” Peggy told CatholicMatch. “Our similar families, centered on our Catholic faith, have further strengthened our lives.”

With the things that matter most holding them together, it’s easy to see why Brian and Peggy were so well-matched, both online and in the real world when they connected. This month, Brian proposed marriage and Peggy accepted.

“Brian’s incredible love for me is the greatest give I could ever imagine,” Peggy said. “It’s a gift that he gives to me over and over again, every day.”

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