Ron & Diana Were In The Same Circle But Connected Online


CatholicMatch’s archive of member stories is filled with examples of couples who navigated great distances to find each other. It’s also filled with members who were as close as the same parish, but needed online help to connect.

Ron & Diana took it one step further—they were not only in the same area, but had the same circle of friends. And they knew of each other.

Still, as Diana put it, “it took a nudge from Ron on CatholicMatch to begin dating.” The couple from the Virginia suburbs of Washington D.C.will now be getting married this coming October. He is 48-years-old, while she is 50 and they are grateful for the unlikely role online dating played in bringing about their happiness.

A little further north up the Atlantic coast in New England is 71-year-old Alice, who wasn’t expecting anything when she came to CatholicMatch. Indeed, she expressed disbelief that it could happen. But it turns out she met the love of her life in Frank, and they too are planning a wedding in the near future.

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