The Hope Family

35 years ago, a woman lay dying in a Southern California hospital. She was never raised in a particular faith nor did her parents instill in her any belief in God. Her long-time neighbors, the Hope family, knew this. The Hope’s were Christians and had been trying to lead this woman and her family to Christ by their daily example as neighbors and now felt compelled to take this opportunity to be more vocal. They visited her the day before she died and helped her convert her heart to God before she left this earth. Because of this, all her children came to convert as well in due time.
Sometimes, it takes a tragedy to pave the way for you to meet people who will change your life, but when they appear you can almost find a reason to be thankful the tragedy happened. Who has God brought into your life since your divorce that has helped you come closer to Him or maybe helped you gain a different perspective on your situation? Has “the Hope family” visited you in some way? If so, thank God for that beautiful gift, and if not yet… then be on the lookout. God often speaks to us directly through others and they will share His words with you. They will bring you consolation.
Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. – Matthew 5:4

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