Blessed Are the Poor In Spirit

Let’s face it… divorce puts a lot of new experiences and emotions in your path that can be pretty tough to swallow. 

First of all, the image you projected to the world no longer exists in quite the same way, recognizing and admitting this can shake a person to the core. In my experience, just telling people about my divorce or revised marital status were tough words to choke out. Then, if you’re used to a certain lifestyle, the constrained finances of a divorce can be really hard to manage. The same amount of money split between two household can mean a new, much more frugal budget, and for me, it was a bit tough to take as times, especially as I watched my peers and siblings with no such constraints. And definitely one of the hardest experiences is having to lean emotionally on others, sometimes quite heavily. I remember being embarrassed to pick up the phone one more time to reach out to a family member who had already supported me so much, in my mind, too much. 

These changes are a real part of divorce and they can be extremely painful. Beyond that, these experiences have one more thing in common: they can all be described as extremely humbling. And to be humbled, to be brought low, is one of the most difficult states to endure in our day to day lives.

But in our spiritual lives, being humbled is a different matter altogether. Humility is recognizing, and perhaps more difficult, admitting that we don’t have all the answers, that we cannot do it by ourselves. A tough admission, yes, but what a wonderful place to be in your relationship with the Lord! At your most humble, when you have been brought low, is when we are most likely to truly turn to Him and open yourself to His grace. It is also when God is at His most eager and able to step in!

You may have been humbled, brought low, in your day to day life, but spiritually you have never had the chance to be richer. You have the opportunity to be closer to God than you ever thought possible!

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. – Matthew 5:3

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