Forgiving Ourselves

Even after confessing our sins and being resolved of those sins – wiping the slate clean in God’s eyes – often we can’t let go of the guilt and shame of our sin. We aren’t always able to forgive ourselves because we are reluctant to believe we are worthy of the depth of love that elicits forgiveness. In essence, we don’t believe we are worthy of love or mercy or forgiveness because we don’t see ourselves through the eyes of Christ. Brothers and sisters, gaze at the Crucifix! Do you believe that Jesus Christ died for the souls of others, but not yours? What can you possibly do to offend Him and not be forgiven if you repent and confess your sins? If God can forgive you, how is it that you cannot forgive yourself? Are you greater than He? More complicated, more sophisticated? Perhaps you believe you know yourself better than He knows you. 

Jesus died so that you and I might catch a faint glimpse of the depth of His love for us and begin to understand our worthiness in His eyes. Lift Him high and look up in hope and gratitude – and know that you are forgiven. 

As far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us. – Psalms 103:12

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