God’s Ways Are Not Our Own

Christ suffered more than you will ever know. He was the true, innocent victim, convicted and punished unjustly, but suffered out of love for us. If there is anyone who can understand our anger, our outrage at what has 

happened to you, it is Christ. Not only did he suffer every injustice as a completely innocent and loving human being, but he knows all that you have been through better than anyone. He knows the pain, the frustration, the insanity. 

But always remember He has a completely different perspective on what is happening because He sees everything… knows everything. The suffering you bear will bring about good things somewhere else, and this is one reason why God allows you to suffer. What good things will God bring out of your situation? What good things have already happened? Go to meet Him in the garden and kneel down with Him at the rock and talk to Him about your situation. Unite your pain to His and embrace your cross with His help. As you kneel with Jesus in the garden and see His sweat turn into drops of blood, knowing He suffers for your sake, ask Him to help you suffer as He did; out of love for others and the desire for good. 

“Abba, Father!” he said, “For you everything is possible. Take this cup away from me. But let it be as you, not I, would have it.” – Mark 14 

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