The Culture of Divorce

Society makes it easy for divorced men and women to fall away from their faith. It’s an environment that I call the “culture of divorce” – people congratulating you on your divorce, running to be the first one to set you up with the “perfect” date, etc. The entire mentality encourages the newly divorced to live it up, celebrate and engage in every type of self-serving behavior imaginable. What they don’t tell you is down the road, you will be in worse shape than ever… more hurt, more disillusioned, and certainly farther away from your relationship with Christ if you follow this path. 

Don’t be fooled by those who don’t care about the fate of your soul. A new relationship will not heal you. Christ is the great Healer, and only He can give you the peace and healing you are seeking. Look to Him for what you need and He will provide it. You were made for great things and in following God’s plan, you will experience more peace, more joy, and more love than the world can ever give you. 

Your faith has saved you; go in peace. – Luke 7:50 

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  1. Andrew-1040810 August 20, 2014 Reply

    Lisa, I couldn’t agree with you more about our “culture of divorce” but I believe the problem is even deeper. What I’m discovering is that few today even know, let alone accept and understand, God’s plan for men and women. Perhaps you could summarize that plan, with Biblical citations, and thereby help CM members find their suitable “helpmate”. Thanks.

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