The Long-Distance Risk Paid Off For Robert & Rheena


The distance was great for Robert & Rheena, but the desire for love and willingness to risk, has set them on a special path.

Robert is 51-years-old and from Texas. Rheena is 38 and from the Philippines.

“Through this site we came to know and understand each other, which lead to an eventual meeting in person,” Robert told CatholicMatch.

Between what they learned about each other online, and what they came to know about each other face-to-face, Robert & Rheena formed a trust. The challenge of long-distance came a little easier for Rheena, according to Robert, who said that such relationships are common in her culture.

Eventually all the time logged in travel, the investment of time in communication and the suffering through lonely nights led to marriage. This month, Robert & Rheena were married.

“May God bless all who are true and pure in heart and soul,” Robert said generously. “For there are blessings that can be found…on God’s time.”

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