You Are A Light For the World!

Typically in a divorce situation, the worst comes out in both spouses. Insults and heated exchanges become the new mode of communication with each other. This would leave anyone feeling discouraged and often, feeling terrible about themselves. But no matter what hurtful words have been exchanged in your divorce, do not become discouraged. It is not by accident that you are who you are. Everything about you as a person – from your physical attributes to your temperament was a deliberate act of God, for He created you a unique and beautiful creature. 

If you need a reminder of how much you are loved, I recommend two things to help you: Receive Holy Communion and spend an hour in Eucharistic Adoration. Through the Blessed Sacrament, you receive the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit within you. What an incredible gift… what an incredible consolation, that the Creator of the universe chooses to make His home within your soul! Let the light of Christ shine through the darkness of the pain you feel and radiate through your entire being, and you will become a light to all who see you. 

In the same way your light must shine in people’s sight, so that, seeing your good works, they may give praise to your Father in heaven. – Matthew 5:16

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