In Imitation of Mary

During the month of August, the Catholic Church focuses her attention on Our Blessed Mother. From August 2nd to August 22nd, we celebrate eight Marian feast days. This is a wonderful time of blessings and graces you can receive as a result of paying special attention to your heavenly Mother through rosaries, novenas, masses, etc.

As someone who is going through a divorce or perhaps in the rebuilding phase, you can obtain these special blessings and graces by imitating Mary in your own suffering. We know that Mary’s life was filled with hardship and many sorrows, and she certainly can relate to what you are enduring. 
The two most admirable virtues Mary possessed were her humility and her obedience. Her humble “Yes” to God’s will meant that all people would be saved, despite everything she would suffer. In your pain, is it possible that you can also say, “Yes” to God and endure your suffering as Mary did – with patience and love?
Although you may not understand why God allowed your divorced to happen, your patient endurance of this trial can bring great graces and conversions, especially if you offer it all up for someone else’s salvation. Your “Yes” in response to God’s plan even in the midst of suffering becomes a treasure you store up in heaven.
I am the Lord’s servant, Mary answered. “May it be done to me as you have said.” Then the angel left her (Luke 1:38).

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