How is your suffering manifesting itself in your life? It could be in a number of ways, but one very common manifestation of suffering after a divorce is memory flashbacks. Constantly reliving the stressful, hurtful moments of your marriage as it was ending, or encounters with your ex-spouse that were quite painful. Many people report painful feelings that, even years later, are almost as painful as the moment they were first lived. Flashbacks, if you entertain them as often as they present themselves, keep you steeped in pain and anchored in the past, unable to forgive or really move forward. Your life will never be without pain of some sort, until you die of course and go to heaven. Holding on to pain does not make you wiser — it only perpetuates the pain. Learn to ‘let go and let God’! 

…but the Lord’s unfailing love surrounds the man who trusts in him. – Psalm 33:10

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