A Second Look Was All Kevin & Erika Needed


Kevin and Erika were both from the same small town in northeast Maryland, but they had never actually met until they both joined CatholicMatch in 2010. Even then, they just exchanged messages, but no real connection ensued.

Sometimes a second look is all it takes though and this past January they saw each other again and this time it clicked. “After exchanging a couple messages where we got to know each other better, we decided to meet in person,” Erika told CatholicMatch.

Both Kevin & Erika are in their late twenties and enjoying their newfound relationship, having dated ever since that first meeting and waiting to see what the future holds.


There are other examples of local couples needing an online venue to spur the first connection. Joe is from Chicago and Kristen the north suburbs, and just before her subscription ended, he got a message in. The 31-year-old man from Chicago has been enjoying the company of the woman four years older ever since.

And on the plains of Kansas in the traditionalist Catholic town of St. Mary’s, 31-year-old Michael had actually seen 26-year-old Andrea around town, but it wasn’t until he found her on Catholic Match that they began to date. “He sent me a message and we just hit it off,” she recalled.

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