The Blank Check

When you are born, it’s like God giving you a signed, blank check. Your life is full of possibility and He’s endowed you with gifts that are unique to you and your life and God is saying, “Here is my gift of life to you! Run with it! Make the most of it!”

The pain and ugliness of divorce can completely overshadow this understanding of what life is supposed to be. The rejection, anger, and lack of forgiveness can make you feel as if life is completely void of joy and possibility. This is precisely the point where you can make a radical change. You can give God a signed, blank check back.

That blank check says, “I trust you, Lord.” At a time when everything seems dismal and you don’t know what the future holds, placing your trust in God is an act of faith and love that will be rewarded. He will take your blank check, invest all the trust you give him, and the return will be greater than you can hope for. Trust Him.

I will say to the LORD, “My refuge and my fortress, My God, in whom I trust!” (Psalm 91:2)

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