The Little Way

One of the truly heartbreaking aspects of going through a divorce is the terrible scourge of anger that embeds itself in the human heart. Hearts were created to be a source of love and to find your own heart so complicated and compromised by the emotions that accompany the loss of a marriage is devastating.


But you are not alone in your struggle. There are many now that share your experiences and many that have gone before you – in particular, Jesus, your Savior.


I guess what helps all the suffering make sense is the understanding that everyone suffers injustice and these lessons are there to make you think harder, reflect more, and improve yourself.

Most of all, suffering helps you learn the virtue of humility, recognizing that other people will do as they please and all you can do is control yourself. 


Take some time this week to reflect upon your situation and ask God for the help you need. And then, be comforted by the fact that many people, including me, are praying for you!

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