The Problem With Divorce

The gospels speak to us of having a childlike faith, and how unless we become like little children, we cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. This is something you’ve heard and known for probably most of your life, but doesn’t it seem like divorce changes that? Doesn’t the divorce experience make the idea of being “childlike” almost ridiculous?

What does a childlike faith really mean? First, a child has rock-solid trust in his parents. Even though he can barely fend for himself, a child sleeps soundly at night because he knows his parents love and protect him. He knows he will be taken care of.

Next, a child may get hurt or disappointed, but it is short-lived. Children forgive quickly.

Your divorce may make you may feel that wisdom comes from trusting only in yourself because you can’t trust others. The hurt you bear might make you believe that wisdom comes from not forgetting who hurt you or how they did it. But in reality, this kind of “wisdom” is only baggage. It is the unwillingness to let go of resentment; the unwillingness to forgive.

Take time today to reflect upon the hurts you have not forgiven. Pray for the grace to be able to forgive and then, trust your heavenly Father with the outcome.


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