Live And Let Change

As we approach the season of Advent, we are also coming to a close of the liturgical year. It’s a reminder that things don’t stay the same, just as it is for human beings.

Everything that lives, changes. If it doesn’t change, it dies. As a Christian, you need to grow and change. You may find this difficult to accept because you’re struggle is with divorce. You may be suffering terribly from the pain caused by the loss of your marriage. But this change does not have to be for nothing.

St. Paul is a great example for anyone who is suffering. St. Paul’s life was hard and difficult but his sufferings did not deter him from his mission. He was always willing to go wherever the Holy Spirit led him. He was always open to a higher purpose.

Be open to the changes that will occur because of your new state in life. Like St. Paul, if you follow the Holy Spirit wherever He leads you, your pain will be transformed into peace.

Sorrow is better than laughter because, in spite of a sad face, the heart can be joyful (Ecclesiastes 7:3).

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