Don’t Let The World Beat You Down!

Today, you may be feeling defeated as you read this email. Maybe your relationship with your children is suffering because of the divorce. Maybe you recently had an unpleasant encounter with your ex-spouse. Maybe you are just struggling to make ends meet and can’t see your situation getting better anytime soon. Maybe you are hurting terribly…
The Lord wants you to know He has not forgotten you. He sees your suffering and is very close to you. He is still in control and is working to bring good things for you out of these difficult times. When you are feeling defeated, remember Christ as He was flogged mercilessly by the angry soldiers; they couldn’t keep Him down. He got back up. As He carried His cross to Calvary, He fell three times under the weight of the heavy burden, but He got back up. Let Christ show you how to get back up and carry on. Open yourself to the graces He has waiting for you and never forget that He loves you and that this, too, shall pass.
I will not leave you orphans! John 14:18

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  1. Edie-833144 April 23, 2012 Reply

    These are the perfect words of encouragement and hope that I needed today. Thank you.

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