Modern Day Heroes

Sometimes, God’s ways are totally incomprehensible and you may feel this way now that you are divorced and suffering the loss of your marriage. 
Why in the world would God allow this terrible thing to happen? 
St. Rita had also puzzled over God’s will… she wanted to become a nun, but her parents arranged for her to be married. She lived for years in an unhappy relationship with her husband. Yet, through being faithful to God and her husband by enduring the difficult times, she not only found a way to make her home happy, but also helped cause her husband’s conversion to Christ through her suffering.
During this time of suffering for you, try not so much to understand why the things that have happened may or may not have been God’s will, but more to accept the fact that from this moment forward, your life is the way it is and God has allowed it. Accept that God has allowed this cross to befall you and look for what He wants you to learn, where He wants you to go next; what His will is for your life, today.
God gave us St. Rita and all the saints as a striking example of heroic patience and humility. Let us follow their examples and find what joy God has waiting for us in the future.
Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. – Matthew 5:4

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