Nothing Is Impossible with God

Divorce can make you feel as if life has come to an end.
Yes, the sun may still be shining and modern life moving forward, but inside, you may feel as if there will never be anything good to look forward to. Looking ahead, you are tempted to think that holidays will always hurt, being single will always be lonely, family gatherings will always be hard… But God says, “No way!
Don’t let your faith and trust in God be limited to what you are experiencing now.
God is so BIG, so loving, so merciful, we cannot comprehend it all. You may be walking through the fire now and in desperate need of relief. So, count on God and His perfect timing. He is perfecting you through these trials and will lead you out of your suffering and into a new part of your life where you will experience the peace and joy only He can give you. Trust Him, cling to Him. He won’t let you down!
I will say to the LORD, “My refuge and my fortress, My God, in whom I trust! – Psalm 91:2

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