When The Mundane Becomes Your Life Preserver

When I was in the post-divorce years and living in an apartment by myself, the weekends were a very dangerous time for me. I was living in a new area and starting a new job, and didn’t really know many people so I spent the weekends mostly on my own. Especially when the weather was cold or snowy, I rarely got outside.
This was not good, because the temptation to slip into a pity party was strong and my weekend would become a disaster. I knew I had to do something to change the dynamic of my free time, so I reflected and realized I had said many times how I wished I could do something but never had the time… well, it seemed like now was the time! Time to clean out my closets, time to sew on missing buttons, time to read a book my mother had sent me which didn’t really look interesting, time to purge my personal files… yes, all those things I had been procrastinating on were now on my to-do list.
When the next weekend rolled around, instead of crying myself to sleep on the couch, I began marking the tasks off the list one-by-one. By the time Sunday afternoon rolled around, I had the most organized closets in the state and actually felt good about myself.
There are often many things we can do to help ourselves get through the suffering. Things that are right there in front of us and we don’t recognize that they can be of service to us in that we find ourselves distracted from our pain, or they can even be a way to help us process the pain in a constructive fashion.
If the weekend or other time is a dangerous time for you, take some time to reflect and see how you may be able to change that. Make a list! When you’ve done all the things you didn’t like, fill up your list with things you do like to do. You will be glad you did!
And a highway will be there; it will be called the Way of Holiness. – Isaiah 35:8 

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