I’m Praying for My Spouse, But We Haven’t Met Yet


I don’t watch Dancing With the Stars normally, but last week I was glued to the TV watching James Maslow and Peta Murgatroyd doing the Viennese Waltz. The reason I tuned in was because they were dancing to Marie Miller’s popular hit, 6’2.

For those of you who don’t know Marie Miller, MTV describes her as an “impressive new Curb artist, a triple-threat talent — singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist — who’s poised to become one of the breakout stars” of the year. She is also one of the finalists in the Macy’s iHeartRadio Rising Star talent search. Oh yeah, and she is Catholic.

Do you pray to meet your spouse? Many single Catholics pray to know God’s will and even pray for their spouses before they’ve even met. 6’2 is a song about praying to meet the man of your dreams. I absolutely love this song. I’ve seen Marie in concert numerous times and this song is my favorite.

The song starts out with the words: “Lord, I’ve been praying, for someone that I’ve never seen. And I don’t care what he looks like, as long as he loves me. I’m not particular.”

In this fan favorite, Marie reflects the inner prayers of many single Catholics who are praying for a spouse. We pray and hope for a faithful Catholic who is devoted and loving … but don’t we also wish for the extra qualities of our dream man?

Marie goes on, “but could he have blue eyes, just like the sky and brown hair, wavy and light and 6’2 is my favorite height … but Lord, I don’t care what he looks like.”

I love the playful tone of this song. It reflects our desire for a loving spouse with the same values and standards, but includes those little details that we daydream about.

And while we daydream we continue to wait and pray. And we wonder why we haven’t met our spouse yet?

“Lord I’ve been praying, waiting for him to come around. But if you’re teaching me patience, I’m willing to wait this one out. I’ll be patient … but if we could meet by the first of July ….”

I love that Marie’s lyrics hit upon the importance of prayer and being patient with God’s timing, but it also shows that it is okay to share with God what our desires are. Even Christ spoke to the Father this way, “My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from me; yet, not as I will, but as you will” (Matthew 26:39).

In our conversations with God, it is good to tell him our inner desires. It is okay to tell God that you are tired of being single and that you are ready to meet your spouse, but don’t stop there. Follow it up by asking God to make your deepest desires equal to His will for you. Every morning ask God to help you to always be ready to perform his holy will.

God desires our ultimate happiness. He always has our best interest in mind. So know, that if you are constantly trying to seek God’s will in your life. You are also actively living the life that will make you most happy.

So while I wait and pray to meet my spouse I do my best to reflect on God’s plan for me right now. Maybe this time of waiting is an opportunity to grow closer to him, maybe He is calling on me to go on a mission trip or give more time to volunteers. Whatever it is, I’ll continue to pray for my future spouse … “and Lord, I don’t care what he looks like.”


  1. Beautiful…

  2. I agree a beautiful article…… :)

  3. Thanks for this article. :)

  4. Well-written.

  5. Good article that sums up what a lot of us go through.

  6. nice article, nice song plus the lyrics of the song is cute too! :)

  7. I am 6’2″. If she wants to meet by the first of July, I am game.

  8. Nice article & beautiful song…. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I do agree about 50 percent of what you shared in the article about praying for spouse or life long friend, which I like to do before going to sleep. But I respectively disagree about the song, it’s too sugary sweet and she says ” I don’t care what he looks like” but it sounds like in the song that she’s also looking for a guy who has plenty of money and a job and if doesn’t have one, she’ll simply ignore him instead. That’s just my feeling about the tune and it’s not the kind of music I listen too.

  10. absolutely love the song!

  11. I have to say this and I’m sure I’ll be highly unpopular by doing so, but I do not understand why this artist is a “triple-threat”. There’s good art, then there’s bad art…is it because she has a commercial appeal that people like her? I’d rather listen to Lucinda Williams any day- an artist who is gritty and unpolished. There’s just something more real about her.
    And to say this:
    “In this fan favorite, Marie reflects the inner prayers of many single Catholics who are praying for a spouse.”
    No! This does not reflect many, at least not me. Blue eyes, 6’2″, blond hair…

    I love a good message. Even a deep message, but to have to deliver it with commercial appeal. No thanks…

    Overall, the article has an important message. And I suppose that is what is most important.

  12. An inspired prayer that I say, usually silently: Jesus I love you, all I have is thine; you know the desires of my heart, please grant them in your time. :D

    I appreciate being single, and still anticipate marital life with optimism :)
    The single life is a valid moment in my life and I’d really want to live it to the max, in Christ, and not in despair :) Prayer helps me live it and so does good company. God’s time will come, and my young sir will too! :D

    Love the message in the song & article; how true to self they are :)

  13. So many smileys! Lol. Excuse meh…

  14. I also pray for my future wife but we still haven’t met yet.

  15. beautiful words. God Bless!

  16. Nice song and blog post. I’ve prayed for my future spouse for years now, every night. While I may be moved by a few personal preferences, I know He knows the desires of my heart and what is best for me, therefore – God’s will, not mine.

  17. For those who do not care for Marie Miller’s song just think of the many WORSE songs out there. This song has a great rhythm and a great tune and the lyrics are simple & catchy. The song is easy to listen to and dance to, (as seen on DWTS). The lyrics say NOTHING about her “new husband” having a well paying job and lots of money….jeez! Where do you people come up with this stuff? She also says that though she would like a husband with wavy blonde hair and blue eyes she doesn’t care if he has green eyes and brown hair. She sings again and again that she doesn’t care what he looks like, only that she wants to meet him by the 1st of July and be married on an April night. Though she doesn’t say it, I think if the guy was 6′ or 6’4″ she would like him just fine as well.

  18. Oh my goodness! I love this song!! Thank you so much!:D It totally made my day. :)

  19. I think my assessment of it was a bit harsh…you have some points Joan. As someone who likes a wide range of music, I can appreciate her message (the general gist of it, not the particulars!).

  20. I work in the music industry and good work

  21. Great song and message.

  22. In fact a great article and a beautiful and well tuned song, the first time I listened to it I started laughing because of the description of the guy. Is there any version for boys? I think if I go in a bus singing that song would be weird lol.


  23. I don’t watch much TV so thank you for writing about this.

    Your question took me by surprise-because I don’t pray to meet my spouse, and it made me wonder why.

    I think it might be because then I would have to hope, which would mean I could be disappointed (yet again). But, if we pray the way you suggest-to offer up our hopes, but accept God’s will-then we can be grounded and completely safe with the Lord, and still not deny our deepest wishes.

    Thank you again. This has changed how I pray.

  24. Thanks so much for bringing to our attention this beautiful song, the artist, and the insightful commentary.

  25. beautiful article

  26. I think praying to meet your spouse is a great idea, but while you do that, be sure your dating house is in order. I see so many women on CM.com who are divorced,but they have not gotten annulments. God is not going to bless you with a new spouse unless you get that handled. Be sure you have something to offer and market what you have well. Finally, be open to meeting a possible spouse anywhere anytime. It can happen, and be at your best when you go out. If you are positive, friendly, and look like you care about yourself, you will attract interest. Above all don’t try meeting prospects in bars, clubs, or singles events. Singles events usually have too much competition and noise. Unless you rate real high, you will deal with lots of folks judging you and not making an offer. That is self-defeating behavior. Finally, you can do everything right and never meet the right person or get your prayer answered. God doesn’t owe anyone a spouse, and if you end up alone, it could be for many reasons beyond your control.

  27. This song had me in tears because each word spoke to exactly how I feel. God is now my spiritual husband. I keep asking Him to choose a good human man as my earthly someday husband… I wait ever patiently for that day to some when God puts that guy I’ve not yet met in my path. I wish that day would come soon… July 1st would be nice as the song says.. soft chuckle..

  28. M-877631 June 2, 2014

    Why do so many ppl speak about annulments? What’s that all about? What does that have to do with anything else if person is already legally divorced?

  29. Thanks for the article!
    Is Good to wait actively, and prayer for the future husband is a way! :)

  30. Great advice…thanks!

  31. Thank you for this! It is such a lesson for us to pray for our future spouse and to wait. All in God’s good time!

  32. Great articles and practice of Christianity that of encouraging one another to pray as the best solution. Thanks

  33. All the articles I think very interesting really.

  34. Beautiful article – puts things in a great perspective! Thank you for sharing!

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