Pope Francis Gives Message to Fathers



On the feast of St. Joseph, Pope Francis gave a message to fathers. He encouraged fathers to look to St. Joseph as their model. Pope Francis thanked fathers saying:

“Be close to your children, they need you. Just as St. Joseph was close to Jesus in his physical, psychological and spiritual growth, you too must be guardians in age, wisdom and grace. … May Saint Joseph be a sure guide to all parents, priests and teachers charged with the education of our young.”

Erik Washam was on the Son Rise Morning show to talk about St. Joseph as the model for men and fatherhood. Erik points out that in scripture St. Joseph is mostly in the background, but he stood by Mary and was a strong support to Jesus.

Erik encourages men to be strong husbands and fathers with no expectation of praise or reward. He tells men that they must do the right thing for no other reason than out of love for our spouse and children.

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